Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just sit

This is simple. All you need is a human body-mind and a cushion. You just sit. The difficulty is the "just". Everytime, I find that I add something to it, what Mike Cross calls: "an intention to achieve". It can be anything really, from "get it right" to " I'll sit for an hour or more". For this practice, there is no recipe, no trick, no secret. Nothing. It leaves you in a very open-vulnerable space and takes you nowhere. Or rather, it takes you everytime to the very human that tries hard, avoids at all cost, judges everything. It puts you in front of the shadow. Who is watching the shadow?


Blogger Mike Cross said...

I feel very very fortunate to have a friend and student like you. In very many respects, as it says in the Lotus Sutra, "the father is young and the son old." I prostrate myself whole-heartedly to you.
Looking at you shifting crates of beer in Sainsbury's supermarket for a minimum wage of £5 per hour, while suffering with a hernia, people might think that you do not look like Buddha. But I revere you as just Buddha.
Your friend in Zazen forever,

1:35 AM  

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