Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Buddhism isn't

Another suggestion. What Buddhism isn't?I know very little about Buddhism, but I know that it is not my body-mind locked in a frozen sitting spasm (my good old habit), that it is not about me thinking I have got it all right and everybody else has got it all wrong ( my typical viewpoint ) It is not about the truth of just sitting when "I" am in the way and loose track of the endgainer that is always too close, closer than my nose.It is not about me bragging that I started sitting 30 years ago and that I am this and that.It is about beginning over and over again, everytime.Reality? A clown with a big red nose falling, falling.So, who is sitting? Am I sitting zen or is it zen sitting me?


Blogger Mike Cross said...

Hi Pierre, When I read your comments on the Dogen Samgha blog, music begins to play in my head. It is the theme tune from The Magnificent Seven. Perhaps some day soon a comment will appear that will enable us to look at each other with a smile and hold up three fingers!

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