Wednesday, December 03, 2008

remembering Niwa

This is a picture of Niwa Zenji, abbot of Eiheiji who died a few years ago. He happens to be in my lineage, in the blood line of the transmission. I always felt a deep connection with this old teacher, very humble and soft, and I vividly remember when he came to the West. Little did i know at the time that I would be one of his great grand sons one day.

Like a laughing and beaming cat
Eternal rambling of the brook
the cow enters the stream
your eyebrows like brushes
and teeth and tongue
gulping deep blue sky
dolls you playing with
at five or six years of age
dressing them endlessly
your shaved head under the sharp blade
the incense cloud and fragrant pine
the loud voice of the valley
shaking the rocks
rocking the silent moon
not making sense of anything
loosing track, wiping footprints
how can one walk the rain
what is the faith of trees, bees, birds?
Not answering
bleeding laughters
merely gazing
with gentleness
you ascend the Eiheiji seat
and bow at dogs in secret
my blood in yours
and yours in mine
as this all world
seal in space
not even a ripple
or stir
or chatter
or whisper
the seal where two moons
and turn into
each other
like a rambling and beaming cat
eternal laughing of the brook


Blogger Dirk said...

Beautiful! Thank you again.
Gassho, Dirk

3:44 AM  
Blogger Pierre Turlur said...

Thanks Dirk. You are very kind.

6:01 AM  

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