Monday, April 17, 2006

Blossoms, Bold Buddhas

Today I started with my usual visit to the Station singing my top chart song and waiting to see how long they would let the Zen Diva do its own thing in the busy corridor. Not long this time, Folks, a rough hour and I was out.

So I decided to make my way to the path of philosophy where i went for an orgy of blossoms and gardens.

I visited Gingakuji that I always find crowded and very disappointing. Then, went to a more discrete and atmospheric temple, Honen In, but could not resist ending up in one of my favorite temples ( with Koto In) Eikando Zenrinji, a Jodo sect temple, home of the "Looking back Amida". There, the atmosphere and the faith are vibrant. Eventually, I visited various temples of Nanzenji and their stunning gardens.

Everytime, I went in free, for I was wearing my full Takuhatsu gear: kolomo, kesa, gasa (hat)...

The true joys of this day were to walk ten hours in my waraji, these incredible straw sandals, more comfortable that you would think; to sit peacefully and sing various sutra in front of many Jizo and Amida. You see, I really would like to do that sort of thing in front of real people but, this time, they would certainly think that I am a complete nut. So, I do it to statues instead...
Could I be as brave and bold as blossoms falling without minding where they go?

One more thing about this experience: touching blossoms, being touched by them, begging under blossoms falling, nothing get into your bowl but whirling petals. What else could I wish for? Yes! I know...So do you. But shush!... Not a word! Let's see what comes now.

PS: I went back to where I met Kannon-granny yesterday... Amazing! The place has turned into a building site with ten very serious and dedicated japanese workers digging away the pavement.

OK, now I, know, that's true, that old funny mad looking lady was...At least, she is It for me.


Blogger Nicole said...

Ah, Pierre, Eikando-ji and Koto-In are two of my favorites, too. I give you some Monterey, California Spring evening air.


8:56 PM  
Blogger Pierre Turlur said...

Thank you Nicole, glad we like the same good old temples.

Enjoy your Californian retreat.



3:02 AM  

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