Monday, April 24, 2006

Mighty tigers versus pussycats

Why do people paint, write poetry, take pictures, sing, play music? Is it to express their views about the world? Is it to be advocates of some form of fundamentalism that can be Capitalist, Communist, Christian, Muslim, agnostic and even Buddhist? Do they waste their time in self indulgence?I don’t think so. They simply do these things to remain awake to the world. What use is-it for the world? This is somehow a strange question. Why should things be always useful? This is end-gaining questioning. The most precious things are useless. So is art. So is sitting.

No use whatsoever. Mighty tigers can’t catch this even in a dream. Their paws are too big, their claws too sharp. They are too busy tearing the world to pieces and making a bloody mess of it. If they could only remember that they are also gentle and kind pussycats…


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