Saturday, October 07, 2006

The unbearable

Native Americans slaughtered like cattle in Wounded Knee, lost children of Armenia (Turkish amnesia), Pol Pot's victims photographed before ending up in the mass-grave, Jews in Nazi camps, Chinese solution to solve differences and make sure weeds do not grow on Communist soil, American answer to terrorism...

So what is Buddhist practice? What does it have to do in the world? As Bernie Glassman would say, to bear witness, to witness the unbearable, to apply the warmth of attention to all. Realize that we are both killers and killed. We are the one behind the gun, we are the one crying and falling. That violence and crualty and racism is just here, in us. And the wish is to allow what is nurturing, flowing, life-giving too.

I cannot do much about all this horror but plough my own field. Sit, sing, live, love. And witness the unbearable in me.

This is just a reminder. A few pictures of genocides and crimes in the name ideology, economy, religion...

And this why I write poetry, and no, my blog is not sweet.

Don't you have eyes to see? Pol Pot, Staline, communist dudes, Bush, whether you are Turkish, French, German, English, Japanese...It is all about being human. It is about everyone of us.

Whether you sit or not, please bear witness.


Blogger Magda said...

When people are suffering, They're always Alone to see their Suffer

Anyone closing his eyes to the sight of these few picture is protecting his own from cheered-pain ...

Hiding the horror of the World is the way to go on whithout madness, being aware of its is becomming an artist.

So we Are ...

11:29 AM  
Blogger Pierre Turlur said...

Thanks, thanks for all sweet friend. I know how much you understand this, like everyone of us, you are going through it much more aware than everyone else. Great artist, great soul. Simple breathing human being. So are you.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Magda said...

Suffering artist is fed up with life

11:23 AM  

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