Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Metamorphose, Sakaide san's realm

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If you go to Nishinomiya Kitaguchi and if you are really lucky, then you will find Sakaide san's space. Telling you about Sakaide san is impossible... Musician, poet, artist, painter, barman, dreamer, scientist, philosopher he is more than this: a glowing presence and an amazing human being. He has the kindness to translate my cheap poems into Japanese and, no doubt, they sound better! His bar is an incredible den, between the Mos Eisley Cantina, officially named The Emerald Cafe of the Planet Tatooine in Star Wars, Wahroll's world, a beautiful cosy greek taverna on a distant island of the Sporades, an alchemist's cellar, an attic filled with wonders and old books, an observatory from which you can stare at the constellations and stars...A unique atmosphere where creatures of all origins and nationality cruise and drink. This place is a real dream.


Blogger oxeye said...

Pierre, thanks for sharing that extraordinary little corner of the universe..

6:54 AM  

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