Sunday, April 22, 2012

Self portrait

Taigu at 48

les mains en mudra
la tete dans les nuages
sceptre de bois crasseux

hands in mudra
head in clouds
filthy wooden scepter

Abbe dans la bourrasque
bon a rien
je me trimballe dans les trois mondes

Abbot in the wind
Good at nothing
I roam the three worlds

Miroir en pièces
ni vertu ni sagesse ni Bouddha
ma vie

broken mirror
no virtue no wisdom no Buddha
my life


Blogger Bagheera Yoga said...

Hi Taigu,

I love your youtube posts and teachings. The lastest one has no sound. Sorry to leave the message this way. But could not find a direct email for you on the Tree Leaf web site.

In the Dharma
Bobbi Ponce-Barger
ShinChi InRyu
Washington DC

2:11 PM  

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