Saturday, July 27, 2013

This and that

The voice of the teacher sounds harsh sometimes, soft at other times, don t be attached to the voice. Don t be attached to the teacher. Don t be attached to your ears. Don t make a fuss with what s between your ears. Thoughts never stop. Thoughts are not a problem. Don t be attached to your thoughts of understanding or not understanding. Don t worry. In that state, stop. Be still water reflecting thoughts, flames, anger, roles, masks... Be the full body of reflection without judging this and that, yourself or others. Ditch judgements because they break one into two and two into one. They are utter nonsense. In reality we are deluded AND Buddha, at the same time. No need to choose. Farts are radiant and smelly, Buddha are made out of light and mud. When one sees that there isn t anything to escape from or pick up, it is a very liberating.
Absolute and relative dance and collapse-bloom in each other.

The robe is Tataghata s body and a few inches of fabric. You cannot see one without the other.




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