Monday, February 25, 2013

More useless and stupid poems

Beaming with joy
Im front of a carved Kannon
A blind man 

Aux anges
Devant une statue de Kannon
Un aveugle

He swallows his snot
And spread his legs
A pig -like boy 

Il avale sa morve
Les jambes ecartees
Ce cochon de garcon

One taste of it
And the whole world turns into
Macha ice cream

Y gouter une seule fois
Et le monde devient
Une glace au macha

Autumn trees
Show the way to
A patched robe fool

Les arbres en automne
Montrent le chemin
A un idiot a la robe rapiecee

If only thoughts
Could drop as easily as
Autumn leaves

Comme mes pensees

Like my thoughts

A little old woman and
A pack of white hanckies
blood pissing everywhere


Blogger Myozan Kodo said...

Not useless. Not stupid. And yes. Useless and stupid. Like all poems!

6:29 AM  

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