Thursday, May 11, 2006

Goodbye fundamentalism

I see nothing wrong with passion, love and life. I see nothing bad about being happy, sad and alive. I see joy and beauty and art and poetry and music as most essential companions. Religions will almost always take you away from the simplicity of being. They are made by bitter people who condemn themselves and others with great glee. Glued to remorse, sadness and judgements. Religions are made of books, temples, bank accounts, gold and… plenty of self-hatred. All around Japan, I can see it. In the West, it’s pretty clear. I can see it in my teachers. They’ll tell you that the teacher that humiliates you and spit on you is great! He or she even does this for your own good and because he or she is really humble... Sorry guys, I don’t buy this anymore. Kannon is not a statue. Sitting Zen doesn’t have to be a rigid crusade. We are not all rotten and fake and guilty. In the true eyes of a brook, of mountains and leaves, of beautiful children, boys and girls, those preaching these bitter words are unheard, unseen.
Tell me, what is the religion of grass, trees, blossoms, concrete, rocks, stars? Enough is enough. I am lost forever, folks: deluded, full of indulgence and foolish. I am by far the worst. And I don’t care. Zazen is true joy. Goodbye Fundamentalism. Goodbye.


Blogger anu said...

What an amazing post Pierre. This time i bow to you :-)

Much love

11:27 AM  
Blogger oxeye said...

pierre, that young woman from a previous post doesn't look too happy with your passion for love and life. glad to see you are having some fun.

11:40 AM  

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