Tuesday, August 19, 2008

kesa okesa

This is a picture taken a few years ago in France. I am showing a funzoe kesa. It was sewn 10 years ago as I was living in Forest Row , East sussex, in England. It shows mountains, and birds flying through for when I was sewing this, it was autumn and flocks of noisy and majestic geese were passing over the village. Some ended up on the fabric. 

I did have a great time last week end with Jundo Cohen, a teacher and friend in the same crazy lineage, doing some filming to show how to sew a rakusu. A great and simple guy. This is his website: http://www.treeleaf.org/index.html

What is the kesa...Well, well. You can have a look at my other blog. If I may say, it is really big, but by big I really mean big. So, I don't  know how big it is. And if you can figure it out, it is presumably not it. In fact, there is nothing out of it. And we are all wearing a kesa without even knowing.


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