Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring 2007

After a few weeks of a long rest, I have written a poem yesterday. Or rather, it just wrote itself. I don't see the point of writing on this blog if I have nothing to say which happens more often than some people may think. My life is full, as it is, with everyday stuff to deal with. Sometimes dull, sometines not. It includes much of my stupidity, useless worries, compulsive actions and reactions, thoughts of all kind coming from nowhere and going nowhere. It has a amazing beauty which is priceless, just as everybody else. The opened eyes of the beloved ones too. Self inquiry and observation is a real exciting journey as well as boring. Both. I have less and less to do with religion and beliefs. Less time to give to useless discussions that can be much fun but always mislead me. Less and less empty preaching, after all, people can do what they want and be the way they want. Realizing that fully is liberating, it gives the control freak a big break! So, dear reader, fellow-sitter, or whoever you are, three simple lines in this long stretch of wonder:

Cigarette smoke
white blossoms