Monday, February 25, 2013

More useless and stupid poems

Beaming with joy
Im front of a carved Kannon
A blind man 

Aux anges
Devant une statue de Kannon
Un aveugle

He swallows his snot
And spread his legs
A pig -like boy 

Il avale sa morve
Les jambes ecartees
Ce cochon de garcon

One taste of it
And the whole world turns into
Macha ice cream

Y gouter une seule fois
Et le monde devient
Une glace au macha

Autumn trees
Show the way to
A patched robe fool

Les arbres en automne
Montrent le chemin
A un idiot a la robe rapiecee

If only thoughts
Could drop as easily as
Autumn leaves

Comme mes pensees

Like my thoughts

A little old woman and
A pack of white hanckies
blood pissing everywhere

Saturday, February 23, 2013

shukke tokudo

Some thirty years ago, Shukke Tokudo from Mokusho Zeisler in the Gendronniere. It was like yesterday. Time flew.