Saturday, October 13, 2007

the dreamer's ride

Am I riding the carp
or is the carp riding me?
holding the reins of intention
I fall into my old habits
dreamer's ride
Kannon is but this perfect moment
yet unknown to me
where fish water and deity
become one piece

Friday, October 12, 2007

no comment

Verse of the kesa

Two beautiful hand written brushworks from Suzuki roshi ( the back of a rakusu) and Kobun roshi. It is the verse of the Kesa.
Daisai-gedatsu-fuku How vast is the clothing of liberation
Muso-fukuden-e Formless,field of happiness, robe!
Hibu-nyorai-kyo I wear the Tathagata's teachings.
KooDo-shoshujoo I save all sentient beings.

Birds in mountains play with truth

Birds in mountains play with truth
scroll of hues, foliage and songs
a sutra I bloody cannot

sitting 3

a cluster of drunken thoughts
a bunch of twisted roots
under my old robe

Sitting 2

to birds invitation
I respond
all over
the seal-space shines

Sitting 1

Walking clouds, cloud walking
Gaze turned back, just light
knot knowing, knowing not