Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Insulting habit

Unhappy Buddhist teacher of student?
Does a dog have Buddha nature?

In a previous comment, Mike Chodo Cross, my Zen teacher says:

"I think that a person who hasn't got the same state as Master Dogen should never fall into the abyss by pretending to be like Master Dogen through preaching and scolding.But a person who has got the same state as Master Dogen might inevitably preach and scold as vigorously as Master Dogen preached and scolded. So preaching and scolding, or not, is neither here nor there.The very difficult problem is: same state as Master Dogen, or not? If the same, we might have a voice with which to preach and scold. If not the same, we should not pretend. If we don't know, same or not, then what shall we do?"

The late chogyam Trungpa states that the main role of a buddhist teacher is to insult you.

In that light, I am certainly a very bad student, a very poor teacher and do not have the same clarity as master Dogen.

And I wont repent, bow, cry, shout or throw a tandrum. For I left behind this religious habit to despise oneself or others in the name of the truth.

I let buddhist teachers insulting their disciples and heirs if it is what they wish.

In my limited opinion and clouded eyes, just sitting, sewing kesas and shaving one's head are the true Dharma gate. And life is also as big as embracing 10 000 activities such as laundry doing, kicking stones, love making, cooking, working, drinking, laughing, being happy or sad etc.

As far as fits and fists are concerned, there are not necessary anymore.